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Sardinia on the boat

My name is Claudio Bergamini. You can email me at ti.ofnilomi|inimagrebc#ti.ofnilomi|inimagrebc or at moc.liamarepo|inimagrebc#moc.liamarepo|inimagrebc.

I am a project manager, technical architect and consultant with over twenty years experience encompassing a wide range of tools, languages and environments but focussing primarily on Enterprise Architectures, Semantic Web technologies and Internet.I maintain a personal weblog, Claudio Bergamini Blog where I write on technology, the semantic web and whatever else catches my eye.

I'm the founder of Imola Informatica and chairman of MokaByte

I'm a graduate of University of Bologna where sometimes I speak about enterprise architectures.

I currently live in Imola, Emilia Romagna in Italy, located at latitude 44.354347, longitude 11.718100 (Mappa), close to Bologna Airport.

I was born on the 26th of May, 1955 in Imola, Italy

I was married to Virna on the 14th of October, 1984. We have one child, Tommaso.

My interests range across FOAF, Wikis, Java , Semantic Web


A selection of arguments that are currently occupying my time to various degrees.

Semantic Web

SOA: Service Oriented Architecture

Web 2.0

Enterprise 2.0

il Basket

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